The Isle

I watched the waves rise and crash and took a deep breath letting the salt filled air into my lungs. Today was a big day, my families first day out on the beach together. Though the weather was overcast I wasn’t going to let it stop us. I had rented a boat and we took off in the early hours to go fishing.

Three lines had drifted down into the depths of the blue water and I spent the beginning of the morning praying for some excitement that would drive my son’s interest in fishing. After about an hour I got the excitement I was hoping for and my son got a bite just off the isle we had been fishing from.

A wide and beautiful smile came across his face while I guided him through it. Eventually the ripples on the top of the water got closer and we retrieved the fish. It was a small blue fish and I couldn’t help but smile at my son’s excitement. He had caught a fish just as light drops of rain started to fall. I was happy he had caught something and my wife and I decided we would turn back and I started the motor.

We were about halfway from the shore when the engine died and the rain got harder. The storm had come out of nowhere, the waves were getting rougher and started to push the boat around as it pulled us further from the shore. We started to take on water and I frantically bailed the water as my wife tried to put on Alex’s life jacket.

Everything happened so quickly after that, almost to quickly. Within minutes the boat started to sink. We held hands tightly as the cold water swallowed us, my wife told me repeatedly to remain calm as we bobbed up and down the waves. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down hopelessly a large wave came crashing down on us.

The force sent us tumbling under and I felt Alex’s hand slip from mine. When we came back up I looked to my wife and saw the fear in her eyes. I remember this moment vividly, we both screamed his name and I turned to see him a short distance away frantically trying to stay above water.

Without any thought I let go of my wife’s hand and swam with all the strength I had towards him, I grabbed onto him and held tightly. I searched the waters for my wife but she was gone, the current pulled us towards the isle we had been fishing near. Alex clutched to my back and I struggled to keep our heads above water as I swam towards land.

I could feel his grip becoming weaker and held him with one hand as I tried to swim with the other. The waves pushed us towards the rocks that would either kill us or be our salvation. The waves had calmed just enough for me to grab onto a rock.

I dragged us over the rocks and into the heavily wooded land we collapsed and I hugged Alex as hard as I could. He asked me where Mummy was, I told him I didn’t know but she would be okay. Another lie I was sure, but I needed to focus on starting a fire. It took far to long, but we finally found some dry leaves and I got it started. I stared out into sea hoping to see my wife floating out there but my hopes faded quickly.

What was intended as a few moments rest turned into a few hours sleep. Alex was still asleep I didn’t bother to wake him. It was still bright but the sun was falling, I guessed it would be around 5PM. I had no idea where to begin, what to do and if anyone was looking for us.

I decided I would search the place to see what I could find. I made my way through the tree’s with no idea what I was looking for. I just knew I had to do something. The trees gave way to a rock pool at the base of the isle and I made my way across it in the hopes of finding a higher viewpoint.

I passed a deeper rock pool and I felt it called to me. The water was so blue that I had to look down into it. When I did, a scream forced itself out of my lips. There was a small boy, his skin blue but his body intact. He was in the fetal position at the bottom of the pool.

I studied his face and for a second, thought it was my Alex but it wasn’t. I knew this boy, but it wasn’t Alex. As my mind tried to make sense of what I was seeing the blue boys eyes shot open and I stumbled back with another scream.

I stood frozen and waited for something to happen. A few moments passed and my courage returned if only for a few moments. I walked over and peered into the pool but the boy was gone. That was my welcome to the isle we had found ourselves trapped on.

I returned to our campsite trying to hide how shaken I was and sat down next to Alex to hold him accepting the fact we would spend the night here. I couldn’t stop shivering and my efforts to build the fire higher continued to fail. After a few hours, my eyes slowly began to close and I drifted off to sleep.

I drifted back into consciousness with a feeling of immense pressure on my chest. I opened my eyes to see the blue boy with wide eyes, staring at me as I felt his hands wrap around my neck. I tried to move but I couldn’t, I tried to scream but only a whimper came out. Our eyes were locked together, I could feel an intense hatred seething out of him.

With each shallow breath I took, his eyes grew larger. My entire body was trembling as I continued to try will my body to move. The blue boy’s head snapped in the direction that Alex was sleeping and released my throat. Between deep gasps for air I managed to get to my feet and charged toward the blue boy.

The fire had died but there was enough light to make out the figure, I threw my weight against it. We both crashed to the ground and I blacked out. The only memory I have is a mental image burned into my mind. My hands around the blue boys throat, it was sneering at me.

When the search party found us they said I was passed out next to Alex, who was as blue as the water that surrounded us. The autopsy showed Alex had drowned but had marks from where I had wrapped my hands around his neck. They told me that my wife hadn’t’ been found and most likely drowned.

No one believes in the real blue boy and they refuse to search the isle. They all think I’m crazy, even accusing me of planning to kill them. I have but one friend to confide in, the one that has helped my write and post this if not for anything but my own hope that people may believe me.

I dream of them…Well all of us, in my dreams we are all blue but we are happy.

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